risk & innovation

Crowdsourced data and insights to assess emerging challenges and create risk-informed growth.

risk-informed SOlutions

Shaping the future of governance

Primary data

Quantitative and qualitative primary data on sociopolitical risks and market trends through a proprietary panel of respondents.

Expert insights

Access to multidisciplinary experts and leaders to gain powerful insights and unique perspectives on specific topics.

Award-winning methodologies

Data-driven tools and bespoke services to navigate uncertainty, plan for success and prepare for disruption.
Trusted by global organisations

Data monitoring

Capture nuances between real and perceived risks through monitoring and visualisation tools powered by people-centred data.
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Behind Axle

Axle combines multi-disciplinary expertise to look beyond macroeconomic factors and assess drivers of risk and innovation. We work with a curated network of  consultants and are grateful to be supported by honourable and distinguished advisors who provide pro bono guidance. In 2020, Axle was awarded the top innovation of the year in democracy and governance by the African Union and COMESA.

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Abdoulaye Bathily


HRH Princess Thoueybat
Saïd Omar




Justice Abida Ali-Aroni

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